Recipe: Longjing Hericium Mushroom Shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Longjing Hericium Mushroom Shrimp


Today, I just wanted to do Longjing Shrimp alone. I didn’t think so. It’s almost New Year’s, and the hawkers are willing to enter some high-end dishes. Today, let me meet the monkey mushroom. I didn’t expect Hericium to taste better than shrimp. It completely absorbed the aroma of tea and wine. It was rich and mellow, which made me feel that the year is coming.



  1. Remove the shrimp, squirt the shrimp, fill it into the small bamboo stalk, stir it repeatedly with water until the shrimp is white, put it into the bowl, add the salt and egg white, stir it with chopsticks until it is sticky, add wet starch, MSG. Mix well and let stand for one hour to allow the seasoning to penetrate into the shrimp and set aside.

  2. Longjing new tea is soaked in boiling water 50 ml (do not cover), put it for one minute, pull out 30 ml of tea juice, and leave the rest of the tea and juice for use.

  3. Sliced ​​carrots of asparagus cut into pieces and boiled in boiling water. Drain

  4. The Hericium erinaceus is washed and divided into small flowers by hand. I also put ginger, salt water in a little boiled to soft, pick up and drain

  5. Heat the wok on the medium heat, heat the oil after the pan, and then add the shrimp to 130 degrees or so, and quickly use the chopsticks to slip. When the shrimp is jade white, pour the oil into the colander.

  6. Pour the shrimp into the pot, quickly pour the tea into the juice, cook the wine, pour the freshly drained asparagus, stir fry the monkey mushroom and pour the thin clam sauce into the pan.

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