Recipe: Longan stewed bird's nest

Home Cooking Recipe: Longan stewed bird's nest


In the autumn, the north is particularly dry, just like the adult's bird's nest is used for stewing and stewing, nourishing the body and mind, and raising the inside. It is said to be especially good for girls~ Longan blood and qi, tonifying kidney and lungs. Add sweet and nutritious, drink a bowl in the cool weather, warm and comfortable.



  1. Wash the dried bird's nest and put it in the bowl. Pour the blisters that have not been used in the bird's nest for more than 4 hours. (Before the evening, it is convenient to use the next morning.)

  2. The soaked bird's nest is transparent and the water is rinsed again.

  3. Peel the small strips along the pattern of the bird's nest into the bowl and add a fingerless water.

  4. Add the right amount of longan meat (use ready-made, fresh can also be) and 枸杞

  5. Put it into the pot and keep it in a small fire for 45 minutes. The sugar of the longan is stewed and it should be bright reddish brown. This can be eaten directly.

  6. The milk pot is boiled and boiled, and the round rice is floated out to the round.

  7. Let the round immediately pass the cold water, then immerse it in the stewed bird's nest~


1. After the bird's nest is stewed, you can add rock sugar to melt it, or add a small amount of honey after a little cold, which is better. 2. To cook in a small fire, use the cooking function of the induction cooker. It is about 40-45 minutes. 3. The practice of tri-color rounds:

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