Recipe: Longan, red jujube, white fungus, lotus seed

Home Cooking Recipe: Longan, red jujube, white fungus, lotus seed


Haha, this is my favorite dessert. For women, it is very important to supplement blood and beauty, and this just meets the needs of mm, convenient and simple~



  1. Tremella bubble hair, dry longan shell, red dates to nuclear.

  2. The lotus seeds are soaked in water for ten minutes.

  3. Tear the white fungus into small pieces, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, and add casserole or boiled milk in a small pot, add water.

  4. Wait for the water to boil, add a little rock sugar and brown sugar, brown sugar a little bit on the line, used to color, in fact, brown sugar is also blood. You don't want to add it.

  5. The water boils and turns to a small fire, slowly simmering, less water, add some hot water, continue to simmer, continue this process, for more than an hour or like a thicker, you can cook for two hours.


How about, is it a good mood to drink such a bowl? It is good for women to eat more brown sugar, plus red dates, blood, white fungus and beauty, and rock sugar is under fire. This match is perfect~

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