Recipe: Longan red jujube soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Longan red jujube soup


After the Spring Festival is over, the Lantern Festival has passed, and the time has passed so quickly. First declare that there is no missing in the splendid, just stunned by the mouth ulcers! This is a splendid old problem, but through the splendid food supplement, the chance of recurrence is already much less. On the eighth day of the New Year's Day, when I was eating, I accidentally bit my lip. Yang Yang smiled, my mother licked the meat, and I ate my flesh! Oh, no, splendid years ago, I didn’t dare to eat meat, toothache, after seeing a doctor, said that the teeth on both sides should be treated, only one side can be ruled first, the other side eats, but meat Can't eat, because it's a tooth, it hurts! Hey, in short, this Spring Festival, the splendid but the fat, oh, but the friend said that did not feel it! I am dizzy! Today's ulcers feel much better, the basic healing on the tip of the tongue, and the healing of the lower gums. It is estimated that it will be two or three days later. Only one part of the upper lip hurts. The area is as big as the soybeans, and it is rubbed by the teeth. In short, it will be so painful for a few days. You can't eat meat, and you can't eat it. Don't make a bowl of soup to make up!



  1. Take the appropriate amount of longan meat, ten red dates, twenty glutinous rice, washed in water and soaked

  2. Pour water into the casserole

  3. Put in longan meat, clams and red dates. After the fire is boiled, stew for another half an hour.

  4. Put two spoonfuls of brown sugar in the bowl

  5. Pour in the longan water, stir it and drink it.

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