Recipe: Long yam stew rib

Home Cooking Recipe: Long yam stew rib



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Peel the carrots and long yam, cut the hobs, and cool the water for use.

    Peel the carrots and long yam, cut the hobs, and cool the water for use.

  2. After the ribs are drowning, the hot water washes away the blood foam and controls the water.

  3. Hot pot cold oil, stir fry yellow ribs in the lower ribs, stir the wine and stir fry, add enough boiling water

  4. Then put pepper, aniseed, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, onion ginger garlic, a few red dates, a little white vinegar and celery section, boil open to remove floating foam, turn to small fire, open the pot for half an hour, add pot lid and stew half hour

  5. Then put the right amount of salt, carrot pieces, yam pieces, mushrooms, stew together for half an hour to turn off the fire, remove all the spices, sprinkle with pepper, simmer, a little parsley, chopped green onion


1. The ribs are boiled and the pot is half an hour before the stew is open, so that the bloody taste is better volatilized. 2. Stew with medium and small fire, the fire will cause the protein to solidify, the meat is hard. 3. After stewing for one hour, wait for the ribs. Cooked and then put salt stew, prematurely put salt meat will also send firewood 4. Put a little white vinegar, can make the calcium in the ribs precipitate 5. Put a little celery, make the soup fragrant 6. Stew long yam choose hemp More points, more must be more sweet, fried yam selected less pitting, must be short and crisp 7. Changshan yam immediately after cutting cold water to prevent oxidation and blackening 8. Coriander and chopped green onion less, so as not to cover the ribs of the fragrance

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