Recipe: Litchi meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Litchi meat



  1. Use a knife to slice the tenderloin into a thickness of about 1cm, then slap the cross knife and cut it into triangles or diamonds.

  2. The potatoes are diced, the garlic is chopped into rice, and the scallion is cut into pieces.

  3. The chopped meat is marinated with salt, monosodium glutamate and cooking wine. Beat an egg white, add the raw powder and turn it into a paste, discard it on the meat and mix it evenly.

  4. Then it is fried, the meat is rolled into a meat ball and potato pieces together, the oil temperature is about 6-7%, and it is picked up and ready for use.

  5. Another pot of hot water, add a little salt and oil, put the broccoli into the cooked, cold water to be used

  6. Stir-fried minced garlic and shallots, add a little broth, add a portion of soy sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar, season with sesame oil, pepper, cooking wine, add a little thicken

  7. Pour the fried lychee into the pot, stir fry slightly, and hang the simmer sauce.

  8. Place the broccoli along the plate and put the lychee and juice into the plate.


1. When frying the meat ball, pay attention to the oil temperature and the method of throwing the meat, let the meat ball slide down the pot; 2. The traditional seasoning is mainly based on soy sauce, sugar and balsamic vinegar, plus pepper, sesame oil, etc. . Later, after improvement, the amount of soy sauce was reduced, and the tomato sauce was supplemented. The color was mainly the bright red color of tomato sauce, which formed the “new traditional practice” of lychee meat. 3. The juice of lychee meat is sweet and sour. It can be used for bibimbap. It is estimated that you can eat more bowls.

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