Recipe: Licorice olive

Home Cooking Recipe: Licorice olive


Every time you watch TV, you can always chew your snacks. The licorice olives are snacks that you love from small to big. Because they are easy to buy, they always buy a few pounds at home. However, when I grew up, I found that the licorice olives I bought were not so delicious when I was a child. I think that the licorice olives were preserved with white sugar and rice vinegar more than 20 years ago. The unique aroma of rich olives! Nowadays, the licorice olive is saccharin or sweetener with vinegar and licorice powder. The flavor is certainly not as good as before, and it is not good for eating too much! However, it is inseparable from this zero-eat, so I have to think about it myself, and let myself make it!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: First wash the fresh olives, dry the water, and mix with salt for three days.

    First wash the fresh olives, dry the water, and mix with salt for three days.

  2. After three days, the salted olives were drained out of the brine, washed three times in a basin and soaked in water for 24 hours.

  3. After draining the olives soaked in clear water to dry the water, prepare a large scorpion or a large glass jar. I use a ten-pound glass jar, a layer of olive crushed rock sugar and then put a few grams of licorice into the water. 50 grams of honey, repeat this step, until after all the materials have been placed, pour the rice vinegar into the sealed bottle and place the jar in a cool place.

  4. After one month, open the bottle and drain the water, then dry the olives or air dry for 8 hours with a hot air blower!


The dried olives should be placed in a sealed bag immediately, so that they can be dampened without excessive contact with the moisture in the air. It can be put on for 2 months. If necessary, two small packets of food desiccant can be stored for 4 months!

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