Recipe: Lettuce leaf cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Lettuce leaf cake


Nowadays, lettuce is the season dish. The sour material of lettuce leaves can not be wasted. This is a feature of our side. Our family likes to eat.



  1. Lettuce leaves washed and chopped

  2. Stir-fry lettuce leaves with oil

  3. Add the lettuce leaves to the glutinous rice flour. If you feel that you need to add some hot water, don't add a lot of it all at once. Evenly, the glutinous rice group can't stick to it.

  4. Take a group down, smash into a circle, press flat

  5. Add some oil to the pan and fry it on both sides.

  6. Pour sugar into the pot, add the fried cake, and sip the sugar to make it a little sticky.

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