Recipe: Lettuce ham

Home Cooking Recipe: Lettuce ham


I have been soaking in the QQ group recently, and I am becoming more and more familiar with some of my sisters. I am very happy to have a hobby and talk about life. I began to feel that the idea of ​​"network illusion, people's heart speculation" is purely fictitious, and the distance between this person and person is not far away. From the network into the real life of friends, elders, are also the same dear and lovely. I like this kind of friend, and life becomes full and beautiful. Spring is coming, the temperature is rising, and the daily sunshine is warm. It is also often because of the warm spring sun, let the heart grow crazy, I really look forward to a short holiday to go out! There is always a beautiful expectation in my heart. I can sit on the hillside or on the grass by the sea on a sunny afternoon, and feel the spring atmosphere with him, enjoying a picnic together. Now it seems, ah, only in the house, do a refreshing little dish full of spring, enjoy the taste of spring!



  1. Lettuce washed, peeled, cut into ribs, ham shredded, garlic slices, ginger shredded, spare

  2. Pour a little oil into the pot, heat it slightly, add the garlic slices, ginger and fragrant, add the ham, stir fry, add the lettuce, add the soy sauce, salt and sugar, stir fry until the lettuce is broken. Raw, you can go out

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