Recipe: Less oily taste shredded cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Less oily taste shredded cabbage


This method of shredded cabbage is very delicious and less oily to eat and not greasy. Summer is very suitable for losing weight, you can eat more than two. It is a recipe for a happy life.



  1. Two spoons of steamed fish oyster sauce, a spoonful of white vinegar, one teaspoon of chicken essence, half teaspoon of MSG, mixed evenly, and mixed with starch and a little water.

  2. The cabbage is torn into a piece smaller than the palm of the hand.

  3. Pork belly sliced

  4. Heat the oil in the pot. Shake the pot after the oil is slightly warm. Let the oil evenly fill the pot and pour out the excess oil and heat it.

  5. After the oil is hot, pour in the dried chili and sauté. Pour the sliced ​​pork belly and stir fry until the pork is discolored. Pour into the cabbage and keep the fire.

  6. When the cabbage is ripe, pour in the seasoned juice and stir fry.


The best choice for the cabbage is the best for the ball. After the oil is moistened, the excess oil is poured out and the stir-fry is cooked as less oil. If you do not use pork belly, it is recommended to use lard to fry Chicken and MSG are more flavorful than chicken or MSG alone No steamed fish oyster sauce can be used in very fresh soy sauce or gold standard soy sauce Water starch thickening is thin The whole process is full of fire. From the time of putting in cabbage to the time of thickening, it is one minute. Don't fry.

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