Recipe: Lentil fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Lentil fried meat


The meat is balanced with nutrition, and it can be fixed in 20 minutes. It is also very convenient to keep the next meal and then heat.



  1. Preparation: Meat slices, stirred with salt, soy sauce, starch, marinated for a while. The lentils are washed and removed, and the garlic cloves are chopped.

  2. Heat the oil, saute the garlic cloves, sauté the meat and stir fry until the pieces are completely discolored.

  3. Lower lentils, stir fry until slightly discolored, you can add some water to prevent dryness.

  4. Out of the pot.


It can also be cut into shredded pork and lentils, which are easier to cook.

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