Recipe: Lemongrass

Home Cooking Recipe: Lemongrass


On the TB, I started a bottle of fish sauce, a large bag of dried shallots and a pound of lime. So I received the citronella piglet immediately after receiving the goods. The savory pork chop served with lime juice, fresh and not greasy!



  1. After the citronella is washed, it is flattened, cut into small pieces, and then placed in a pan for sauteing, spare, garlic is chopped into garlic.

  2. The piglet is loosened with a pine meat hammer, and then the fragrant fragrant squid and garlic are added.

  3. Add other seasonings other than mint and lime

  4. Evenly seal the plastic wrap and let it freeze in the refrigerator for a few hours. Take it out and mix it (I have been marinated for almost a day)

  5. From the oil pan, smash the citronella garlic and red onion on the pork chop, then put it into the pan and sauté

  6. Serve with fresh lime after serving the saucer.


Due to different personal tastes, please use the seasonings.

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