Recipe: Leha cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Leha cake


The recipe comes from "The Secret of Fruit Cakes" "This is a variation of the French traditional dessert 'Strawberry Cream Cake' using strawberries. In the vanilla-flavored Bavarus, sandwiched with strawberry and raspberry jam. Bavalu The fruit and the berry fruit are interlaced, not only beautiful in appearance, but also full of flavor. It can be mixed into one delicious taste. You can enjoy all kinds of tastes and charms in one bite!”——P30【【【The following materials can be made long* A rectangular mousse circle with a width * height of 15cm * 10cm * 5cm]]



  1. Making almond cake body: Preparation: draw a 17cm*22cm rectangle on the back of the oil paper, then put the oil paper face up, and put it in the baking tray. Use 1g, 30g protein in a clean, oil-free water-free mixing bowl. Use electric egg beater to send high-speed mousse to the color white, add 30g of fine sugar twice, continue to send it to hard foam at high speed, that is, lift the egg head, and bring the protein cream to form a sharp right angle. 1 egg yolk, remove one egg beater, use the rest of the egg beater to stir evenly at low speed, a little protein can not mix with egg yolk and don't matter. 3. Mix 25g low-gluten flour and 10g almond powder into the mixture. The scraper is thoroughly rubbed and thoroughly mixed until there is no dry powder. 4. Put the batter into the flower bag, cut the opening of about 7mm at the tip, squeeze the rectangle drawn on the back of the oil paper, and gently smooth it with a spatula. The surface is sent to the middle layer of the preheated 190 degree oven, baked for about 9 minutes, taken out and let cool, tear off the oil paper, cut into two squares of 15cm and 10cm wide, and mix 15g of orange peel wine and 20g of cold water. Sugared liquor, coated on cake slices 5 upward one side, the Mousse ring on paved greaseproof paper baking pan, an almond cake on the bottom of the mold backup

  2. Make red jam: 1. 50g frozen strawberry puree and 40g frozen raspberry puree are thawed, mixed and stirred evenly, and sent to the microwave oven for about 15 seconds until the touch and the hand temperature are similar, 2, 3g of gelatin powder and 15g of cold water are mixed. Send it to the microwave oven for about 15 seconds until the gelatin is completely dissolved. 3. Add the gelatin solution to the mixed puree and mix quickly to make a red jam.

  3. Wash the 6~8 medium-sized strawberries on the mezzanine layer, cut off the bottom white buttocks, and then use the kitchen paper to gently dry the surface.

  4. To make vanilla bavarius: 1. Add 80g milk, 15g sugar and 1/6 vanilla pods to the small milk pot (the vanilla pod is cut with a knife, the vanilla seeds are scraped into the milk, and the pods are added to the milk). Boil a small fire, while mixing the milk, mix 1 egg yolk and 15g sugar, stir until the egg yolk color becomes lighter, the degree of fine sugar is basically dissolved, 2g 4g of gelatin powder and 20g of cold water are mixed, and sent to the microwave oven for 15 seconds. Left and right until the gelatin is completely dissolved 3, the milk is turned off immediately after boiling, pour half into the egg yolk paste and stir constantly, then pour the stirred egg yolk milk solution back into the remaining milk, stir evenly and continue to heat it on low heat. Stir constantly until the whole consistency becomes the consistency of the thick soup. After cooling for a while, add the gelatin solution. Stir well and then put it into the ice cube to cool down. Stir it from time to time until the whole becomes thick cream. 5g orange peel wine is evenly mixed 5, add 80g of whipped cream that is sent to seven points, stir evenly with a spatula

  5. Pour 90g of prepared vanilla bavarius into the mousse ring of almond cake slices, quickly scrape the surface with a scraper, and cut the sliced ​​strawberries face up and closely into Bavarus. After filling, pour 30g of Bavarus, and quickly scrape the surface, take it into the freezer for about 20 minutes, and take a small amount of red jam with a spoon and paste it on Bavarus every time until all the jam is used. Finish

  6. Bake another piece of almond cake on the side, place it on the red jam, pour in the remaining Bavarus (if it is slightly condensed, stir it with egg), smooth the surface and send it to the freezer. Refrigerate for more than 3 hours until completely solidified

  7. Mix 20g raspberry jam and 20g mirror pectin, evenly spread on the completely solidified cake body, gently wrap the mousse ring with a hot towel for a while and then release the mold.

  8. Cut the cake into 4 equal portions and decorate with strawberries, pistachios and edible gold foil.


Because po main sister has edible gold leaf or gold powder, it is decorated with mint leaves and raspberries and blackberries.

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