Recipe: Leek, tomato, egg, fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Leek, tomato, egg, fried rice


On weekends, there was no outing at home, only one tomato, a bunch of leeks, eggs and the rest of the rice in the morning. So the whimsy of this meal (Is it should be called rice, haha) initially thought it might be difficult to see, did not intend to send recipes, so did not take pictures, but! Finally, the color was so good that I couldn’t help but want to send it out to commemorate it. After all, it was the first dish that I was inspired by myself for the first time. Wait for the next time to do it again



  1. First break the eggs, heat the oil in the pot, stir the eggs and put them aside.

  2. Another pot of diced tomatoes, garlic chopped and chopped, the oil pan is hot, the garlic is sautéed under the tomato diced red, add salt (the amount of fried tomatoes is not too small, because it will be mixed with fried rice) A little water and a small fire slowly boiled into a sauce.

  3. At the same time, the original pot was fried in oil and the rice was fried (my rice has oatmeal, it tastes chewy), and after the frying, it is also put on the pot for use.

  4. If the pot does not have sticky rice, you don't need to wash it. After you open the fire and put the oil on the heat, put the flat garlic on the sauté, stir the leeks into the pan, add salt (also a normal amount of leeks), stir-fry, if not A lot of water needs to add some water in the process of frying, stir out the purple soup, and leave more soup.

  5. Then add rice and egg to the fried leeks and stir fry. At this time, the color of the rice will turn purple, and the color of the yellow egg will look super nice. Then add the boiled tomato sauce in the pot and pour it all together. Stir-fry, taste whether it is salty enough to add salt and chicken. After the stir fry, you can complete the plate.

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