Recipe: Leek powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Leek powder


High value, appearance association! Still want to drop!



  1. A cold water pot of about 800 grams is placed in a cleaned leek leaf to boil. Remove the leaves and leave the leek for water. Note: Leek only takes the leaves because there are many pigments in the leaves. How many leeks do you put? The color is satisfactory.

  2. 100 g of mung bean starch was added to 100 g of water and stirred well until the starch melted.

  3. Take 550 grams of cooked leek water into the pot and heat it. The water in the leek is actually hot, so a small fire can be.

  4. Don't wait until the water is open, and the bottom of the pot just has a dense little bubble to put salt. Then pour the starch water into the pot quickly and stir quickly with a shovel! The speed must be fast! Stir constantly until the starch is fully discolored. This process is about 20 seconds.

  5. Pour it into the container while it is hot. The surface may not be very flat. Rinse the water with your hand and quickly press the flat surface.

  6. After cooling, you can enter the refrigerator and refrigerate. The taste is better after refrigerating! If you are in a hurry, you can put it in cold water to speed up the cooling.


1. The taste of mung bean starch is more liked by Beijingers. It may be that we like it. 2. The overall ratio of starch to water is 1:6.5, like a hard one can be 1:5. 3. If the speed of stirring the starch solution is slow, the starch will agglomerate, not good!

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