Recipe: Leek, fried tea, mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Leek, fried tea, mushroom


I found the picture on the Internet. My tea tree mushroom is still in the water. . . . . Http:// I have this dish in the kitchen. . . . It’s easy to do, let’s try it out.



  1. Dry tea tree mushroom to the tipping section, soaking water for 2 hours

  2. Leek washed and cut into small pieces

  3. Wait for the pot to heat up, pour the leek into the stir fry

  4. Take the tea tree mushroom out of the water and throw it into the pot and stir fry with leeks, stir fry, stir fry, stir fry

  5. Pour the soy sauce and salt

  6. eat


The weight of my writing is 1 person 100g leek 26 big card 10g dry tea tree mushroom 28 big card 5g oil 45 big card soy sauce salt neglected a dish less than 100 big card Oh. . . . .

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