Recipe: Leek egg dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Leek egg dumplings



  1. Pick up the leek and wash it to dry the water. Cut into fine foam and pour in the sesame oil and mix well.

  2. Beat the eggs into the bowl and mix evenly in one direction

  3. Heat the oil in the pot, pour the mixed egg into the pot, stir with chopsticks, and turn off the egg after it has solidified.

  4. After the eggs are naturally cool, pour them into the mixed leeks, add salt, chicken, and sesame oil and mix them in one direction.

  5. Put the flour into the pot and add the water to smooth the surface to the surface for half an hour.

  6. Put the good side for a few more minutes and pick a small hole from the middle.

  7. Follow the small hole outward from the small round bar in the picture

  8. Hand the small round bar into small pieces of uniform size by hand

  9. Press the small palm into a round cake with the palm of your hand

  10. Use a rolling pin to form a thin, round cake on the side.

  11. Pick up a small round cake and put the stuffed stuffing into a dumpling

  12. After the water in the pot is boiled, add a little salt, roll it and add the dumplings. Add a little cold water after opening. After opening the pot three times, you can see the dumplings floating up.


1. When filling the stuffing, first pour the sesame oil and mix the leeks to prevent the leeks from coming out of the soup; 2, the flour must be more sturdy, so that the skin will be more refined, the dumplings out of the package are delicious, and not easy to break; 3, pinch the amount of small dose can be cut with a knife; 4, when cooking, first put salt to prevent dumplings from boiling, when cooking dumplings must be opened three times, this is called "Phoenix three water", the water is to prevent the water from boiling, so that the dumplings in the smooth water Cooked, the dumplings won't boil up and down because of the boiling water!

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