Recipe: Lean meatball soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Lean meatball soup



  1. The first step is to buy the meat from the meat. If the parents feel trouble, they will directly help the person to make the meat in the meat. But the personal feeling that the meat from the machine is not good, not fresh. Oh.

  2. Then put the meat in the bowl, put the seasoning, onion ginger, salt, cooking wine, MSG, everyone remember to put some raw food, put an egg white, and then put some raw powder, so the meat will be very tender, baby, old man They love to eat, then start to taste

  3. At this time, we must first boil the water, then remember to put a little salt in the pot, then we will be a lean meatball. There is an easy way to put the chopsticks in the pot and wait for the lean meat in the pot. Pills float one by one, this is good,

  4. Next, you can put some onions, parsley, and seaweed. Because there is no seaweed in our house, then I replaced the baby's seaweed with ha, and the taste is very good. Everyone remembers to put some vinegar when eating.


Children and old people love to eat,

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