Recipe: Lazy people save the fire

Home Cooking Recipe: Lazy people save the fire


I like it very much~ but after reading a lot of tutorials, I feel a little trouble... So I tried many times to "study" this simple version of the fire! ! SO~ lazy people move! ! o(*≧▽≦)ツ



  1. Put the eggs in the pot and add water, boil over medium heat (about 4 minutes)

  2. Turn off the heat and soak for 4 minutes (do not open the lid during the process)

  3. In the soaking process, adjust a sauce ~ soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar (I like the ratio is 1:1:1) plus a few drops of sesame oil

  4. Eggs are taken out of the sauce and eaten! ! ! (I will tell you that I can eat 5 eggs in one breath?!o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ)


I can't guarantee this success rate... Because I tried it a few times before I fell successfully... If I feel soft, I will throw it into the water for a while, and feel that it will be harder for the next time~ (actually This method can also be used to cook eggs.. = =) on the sauce ~ eat ~ ~! !

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