Recipe: Lazy Meal - Beef Tacos Mexican Beef Tortilla

Home Cooking Recipe: Lazy Meal - Beef Tacos Mexican Beef Tortilla


The tortillas are actually soft. When it is best to eat, it is the one that has just come out, hot, soft, and fragrant. . . With marinated roast beef, it is invincible! Tacos is a classic in Mexican cuisine! Recipie via: userealbutter (blog) has changed



  1. Thick fat, cut along the texture of the beef, about 3 cm of meat strips.

  2. In a bag that can be sealed, the bowl is also served, pour all the marinade and mix well with the beef pieces. After sealing, refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

  3. Take out the sealed bag and put it a little, so that the beef is not so ice. At the same time, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Take out a roasting pan with a lid, pour all the beef and gravy in the sealed bag, and pour in the beef stock. After the lid is covered, it is baked for one and a half hours.

  5. An hour and a half is here! Don't rush to remove the beef, let it slow for 10 minutes, then use the fork to make a hand-cut beef in the dish, add some salt, and the beef portion is finished.

  6. When you eat, you should first put beef on the bread, add a variety of vegetables, and wrap it up!


In fact, it is very simple to do, just need to marinate beef one day in advance and throw it in the oven. It is also very suitable for entertaining friends, gathering food, drinking a little wine, really delicious! How much to eat, how much to eat, the rest of the frozen, and what day is interested, with a lot of fresh vegetables and cakes!

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