Recipe: Lazy Dinner - Mexicain Red Rice Mexican Red Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Lazy Dinner - Mexicain Red Rice Mexican Red Rice


Fiery Valentine's Day, red and beautiful Mexican rice! Looks like not very rhyming. . . White flower rice can also do this! Different dishes, different practices, different ways of thinking. What kind of potential development, let the children learn to cook just fine! It’s far away. . . Recipie via: userealbutter (blog) has changed



  1. Heat the pot and oil with medium and small heat, and then stir-fry the onion and garlic for 5 minutes until it is completely soft.

  2. Join raw rice! There is also a tomato shredded and fried, so that the onion and the aroma of garlic and tomato are tightly wrapped in shy raw rice. Then add broth, paprika and salt

  3. Big fire! Let the ingredients of all the ingredients reach the boiling in the blend! At this time, turn to a small fire, plus the cover, after 15-18 minutes, the millet grain has absorbed the purification of various ingredients, evolved into insightful rice grains, and will also be slightly blessed.

  4. Stop fire! But don't rush to uncover it, let the rice grain enjoy another 5-10 minutes in a happy pot.

  5. Finally, use a small fork or whatever, stir in the pot, the rice can be put out on the pan.


This weight, for 4-6 people have problems with wood, of course, need to add its soul mate tacos (poke here, it is absolutely perfect!

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