Recipe: Lazy black pepper fried straw mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Lazy black pepper fried straw mushroom


The various polysaccharide compounds contained in the straw mushroom can directly act on the human body, promote the metabolism of the human body, improve the metabolic function of the body, and discharge the toxic substances in the body in time; the vitamin C content of the straw mushroom is high, and it has complexation with various heavy metal ions. When reducing, such as lead, aluminum and other metal substances enter the human body, vitamin C is combined with it in time to form a substance that is not absorbed, and is discharged from the body, which can eliminate or reduce the harm of heavy metals to the human body.



  1. Washing straw mushrooms to control water

  2. Heat the frying pan and add the right amount of butter.

  3. Butter the butter and pour it into the straw mushroom

  4. Slowly fry on a small fire, until the head of the mushroom is golden yellow

  5. (Add the appropriate amount of salt, mix well) straw mushroom out of the pot

  6. Heat the frying pan and add the right amount of butter and black pepper to make the black pepper taste

  7. Pour the juice on the straw mushroom and finish the work!


About Step 4: Because the black pepper juice generally has salt in it, the friends with a light mouth will not need to put another salt. Hey, if you don't have black pepper juice, you can also sprinkle some black pepper, so remember to mix well with salt. Remember to give praise to the pro. Hey.

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