Recipe: Lanzhou halal fried noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Lanzhou halal fried noodles


The halal fried noodles in Lanzhou Beef Noodle Restaurant, I miss the taste of this hometown! The northwestern flavor is reflected in the word "cool", this fried noodles, do not deliberately pay attention to knife work, casual mix, big and delicious, enjoyable!



  1. Cut the green pepper and potatoes, add the garlic slices, and fry the potatoes according to the homemade recipe. Vinegar is not recommended.

  2. Green vegetables, garlic and water can also be fried quickly; see if you like oil and less oil.

  3. It is best to pre-boil the beef; you can also use the various fried beef that has not been eaten, and recommend the black pepper/hang pepper beef.

  4. Mix the noodles and ramen and cook them for use. (You can cheat with pasta)

  5. The tomatoes are peeled and chopped, the oil is poured in the pot, and the tomato juice is baked with a small fire; if ketchup is used, it is omitted here.

  6. Hot pot cold oil; 60% hot, dry chili, ginger silk shabu-shabu flavor. The onion is fried and transparent.

  7. A variety of vegetables, beef, tomato sauce and black pepper, soy sauce and stir-fry.

  8. Into the ramen, the right amount of salt, sugar seasoning, sesame oil color, stir well out of the pot.


The above is the basic preparation, and other vegetables can be added according to personal taste, and the seasoning and dosage can be adjusted. In short, this is a recipe for solving leftovers and refrigerator scraps. About the oil temperature at the time of final mixing. How much oil is hot and stir-fry, tastes good; like oil, less firepower, properly lowered, quickly stir fry to prevent sticking, anyway, have been cooked before.

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