Recipe: Lamb clam rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Lamb clam rice



  1. Prepare the ingredients: bacon, sausage slices, ginger shredded, red cabbage washed and cooked, soaked in raw rice for 2 hours.

  2. Oil the inner wall of the casserole, pour the raw rice, add water to the first joint of the finger 1/2, and boil the fire to a small fire.

  3. Stir in one direction with chopsticks until the water is dry. Dip a scent of oil along the wall and turn the pot to heat evenly (note the heat)

  4. Put the ginger, bacon, sausage on the rice in turn, cover the lid

  5. Wait until the rice is fragrant, don't open the lid and let it linger for a few minutes.

  6. Raw soy sauce, sugar, water in the pot into a juice, you can add a little salt

  7. After the rice cooker is good, add the cooked green vegetables, topped with the bowl of juice, and mix well!


1, bacon is best to choose half fat and half thin, five flowers and three layers of the best to eat. 2, if you want to eat the casserole, you can let the rice cooker turn off the fire for a long time, the steps of the sesame oil should not be omitted, it is the key to making a delicious casserole.

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