Recipe: Lamb chop black bean soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Lamb chop black bean soup


Five colors of black into the kidney, eating black food in the winter has a good tonic effect on the kidney. For example: black beans, black sesame seeds, walnuts, black rice, black fungus and so on. The mutton is warm and enters the spleen and kidney. It has the effects of supplementing labor, coldness, qi and blood, and helping Yuanyang. With black beans and mutton soup, it is very suitable for winter drinking. This soup is mainly made up of lamb chops and black beans. The color of the finished product is black and black. It looks unruly, but it tastes delicious and delicious. Not only can you not eat the taste of the lamb chops, but you can eat their fresh flavor. After the entrance, you will definitely have a good aftertaste. However, the place where the big supplement is also here is not only the spleen and water, the kidney and nourishing blood, but also the effect of strengthening the bones, black hair, and nourishing the skin.



  1. The mutton is washed and the water is ready for use. The black bean hot pot is sautéed and the body surface of the bean is cracked. After washing with cold water, red dates, medlar, longan, and washed.

  2. Casserole pour water to boil. Pour the above ingredients and ginger slices and boil over low heat for 2 hours. Add salt and taste.

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