Recipe: Lamb broad bean rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Lamb broad bean rice



  1. Wash the rice and put it in the casserole for a while.

  2. The broad beans are peeled off, washed, and the sausages are cut obliquely. Chopped green onion

  3. Cook the rice on low heat. After the pan is heated, turn to low heat, do not drain the oil, and fry the sausage slices until it is translucent.

  4. Put in the broad beans, the fire is a little bigger, stir fry together. Sprinkle a little salt, add a little water, slightly stuffy.

  5. At this time, look at the rice in the casserole. If it is basically formed and there are pores in the rice, the rice near the casserole is indented, and the sesame oil is poured along the side of the pot. Cover the lid.

  6. After pouring the oil, the casserole will be noisy. When the sound is not there, pour the fried sausage broad beans. Cover the lid for half a minute.

  7. Open the lid and pour it into the soy sauce. Keep off the fire. When you hear the sound of nourishing, sprinkle with chopped green onion and mix well.


There is sesame oil poured in, there will be a pot underneath. I use a small casserole, a small fire. Mix well and very fragrant. Because there are broad beans, the amount of rice can be slightly reduced compared to the usual meal.

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