Recipe: Laba porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Laba porridge



  1. Put all the rice except the candied dates and rock sugar into the pressure cooker, wash it clean, add the valve, boil it, and vent for about 10 minutes, turn off the fire.

  2. After the air is emptied, open the lid, open the fire, add candied dates and rock sugar, and continue to cook until thick.


Laba porridge is also called "seven treasures and five flavors of porridge." It first began in the Song Dynasty. On the day of Laba, whether it is the court, the government, the temple, or the people of Limin, they all want to make Laba porridge. In the Qing Dynasty, the custom of drinking Laba porridge was even more prevalent. In the court, the emperor, the empress, the emperor, etc., must give the martial arts ministers and the servants of the palace to the Laba porridge, and distribute rice and fruit to the monasteries for the monks to eat. In the private sector, every household also wants to make Laba porridge and sacrifice their ancestors. At the same time, the family gathers together to eat and give gifts to relatives and friends. The pattern of Laba porridge in all parts of China is very competitive and has a wide variety. In Shandong “Confucian Food System”, there are two types of “Laba porridge”, one is made of Yimi Ren, longan, lotus seeds, lily, chestnut, red dates, glutinous rice, etc. Porridge, mainly carved into various shapes of fruit, is embellished. This porridge is exclusively for the owner of the Confucius and the owner of the 12th House. The other is cooked with rice, meat, cabbage, tofu, etc. It is for the poor people in Confucius.

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