Recipe: Korean white snow steamed cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean white snow steamed cake


Rice cakes occupy a high position in the Korean family. Korean rice cake (glutinous rice cake) is made with a Chinese-style color cake wood mold (the rice cake is very small, the rice cake is usually only walnut, the wood mold is ceramic and wooden), buckle A variety of snacks in a variety of shapes. Holiday gifts can not be missed rice cakes, especially in the gift of the mother's family can not be lacking, it is said that the rice cake also contains the meaning of sincerity, love and filial piety. When moving, there is also the custom of making rice cakes for neighbors. In the unearthed murals in South Korea, the Silla era (from 676 to 935 AD) in South Korea had a scene of playing cakes. In the Joseon era (AD 1392 to 1910), the rice cake culture of Korea reached its peak. This white steamed steamed cake is a pastry that is steamed out after putting white rice flour into a steamer. The production process is simple and popular. The steamed cake that has just been out of the cage is very delicious. It is a pastry that can be made when the child is 100 days old or a year old, because this cake is as pure, bright and snowy as the child's eyes.



  1. Prepare all the ingredients.

  2. Add 2 tablespoons of water to the glutinous rice flour

  3. Then gently rub the rice flour by hand to mix it well with the water.

  4. In order to confirm the water content in the rice noodles, you can use a hand to tighten a rice flour into a dough, then gently open the hand and shake it. The rice flour will not spread out, indicating that the water volume is just right.

  5. Then, the rice flour is sieved with a noodle, and the rice flour is repeatedly pressed by hand.

  6. The sieved rice flour is added to the sugar and stirred evenly.

  7. Put the steamer cloth into the mold in the steamer, and sprinkle a spoonful of sugar on the bottom of the mold.

  8. Then evenly pour the rice flour and scrape the surface with a scraper.

  9. Use a ruler to divide the rice flour into small pieces with decorative nuts and jujube flowers

  10. Cover with steam for 25 minutes, put a steamer cloth under the lid

  11. Steamed steamed cakes should be simmered for 5 minutes, then the lid is slightly cold.

  12. Then take out the cut and eat.


The rice noodles used here are my own polished rice noodles. I should soak the glutinous rice in water for 8 hours, then drain the water and polish it into rice noodles. If you are buying ready-made rice noodles, then the amount of water should be doubled. The amount of water can be adjusted by my method. The measuring cups and measuring spoons used for rice flour and water are 200 ml measuring cups and 15 ml measuring spoons. Sprinkle some sugar on the steamer cloth to make it easier to remove the steamed cake without sticking to the steamer. When steaming rice flour cake, a steamer cloth can be placed under the lid to prevent water vapor from flowing into the surface of the rice cake, and the finished product is more beautiful.

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