Recipe: Korean-style fried rice balls (without pinching rice balls)

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean-style fried rice balls (without pinching rice balls)


Don't worry about why it's called Korean-style fried meat. It's just because I used Korean miso. This rice ball is really delicious. It's great to eat cold! ! ! Yesterday I put too little meat! ! Be sure to put more next time! ! ! I don’t need to pinch the rice ball. Everyone searches for the kitchen. I just want to record this match~



  1. Processing ingredients: color pepper purple onion shredded, front leg meat cut thin slices (very thin and thin, cut against the grain of the meat!!! Must use the front leg meat, tender!!) Ginger into ginger, cut well The front leg meat is added with ginger puree and Korean miso and raw soy sauce and marinated for 15 minutes. In addition, why use pork, in fact, you can use fat beef, but the fat cows are frozen and sold, I am afraid that the meat is not good. Never buy, don't mind, or have fresh beef, you can try it with fat cows.

  2. Burn a pot of boiling water, throw the onion pepper into it for about 3 minutes, as long as it is broken, keep the crispness, remove and drain.

  3. Heat the pan and drain the oil. After the oil is hot, stir the lean meat and stir fry. Turn the frying and turn off the heat, and use the kitchen paper to suck off the juice and oil~

  4. After that, I started cooking rice balls according to the practice of rice balls without pinching. The rice is not seasoned separately, because the lean meat is marinated with soy sauce and Korean miso, it is very tasty, completely ok~

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