Recipe: Korean Red Ginseng Chicken Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean Red Ginseng Chicken Soup


Yesterday, I just watched CCTV's "Life Early Reference" program. The special issue of the chicken soup program talked about this problem. The people at the Nutrition Institute used a special instrument to compare the three methods of chicken soup: The first one is simmering for an hour, and the salt is released in advance-----a basin of salt water. The second is 煲 three hours, but also salt in advance ----- similar to the above The third is to lick for three hours and then put salt-----the growth of protein and calcium is much higher than the above two, but the fat grows more~ Of course, the third kind of chicken soup contains slightly higher nutrients, but the chicken soup is also 82% more water, protein and calcium are much lower than fat, which means that in addition to water, the chicken soup is more fat. So where is the nutrition of chicken soup? We usually think that most of the nutrients are in the soup, and the chicken is nutritious but there is not much left. In fact, the big mistake, most of the nutrients are still in the chicken! ! Therefore, drinking soup and eating chicken can not be less than the most nutritious way to eat, afraid of fat and oil. Don't think that most of the nutrients are in chicken soup. In fact, most of them are in the tasteless chicken. This is exactly what I said last time. Drink soup to eat soup residue (turn the tasteless soup residue into the food). under. There are also chicken soups that don't drink as much as possible. Friends who have more stomach acidity should not drink too much chicken soup.



  1. In addition to sputum, all materials are added with enough water. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat for about two and a half hours. After the chicken is smashed, put the cockroach and salt to roll off.

  2. After seeing the red ginseng after two times, it has become like this. It tastes like chestnut, and it tastes sweet after bitterness. In fact, it is much lighter than other ginsengs. It is sweeter and more, I think it is a bit The smell of longan


After the soup, most of the chicken is eaten with a sauce mixed with soy sauce, pepper, or vinegar. But it is hard to swallow any chicken breasts. Can be turned into zero, torn into chicken. No matter what it is, it is delicious to eat cold cucumber. You can also make chicken silk noodles. There are many times when I will pick up the chicken breasts before the soup to make a small stir fry.

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