Recipe: Korean honey black bean

Home Cooking Recipe: Korean honey black bean


It has long been known that the deeper the color, the more anti-aging the more delicious food. It is as if broccoli is stronger than cabbage, purple grapes are better than green grapes, and the nutritional value of black beans is much higher than that of soybeans. When you see a nutrition expert suggesting that you choose a healthy diet, you may wish to "hello". Black beans have extremely high nutritional value and are an ideal health product for both men, women and children. Five functions of black beans: (network information) 1, modern people work under pressure, prone to physical weakness. In order to enhance vitality and energy, according to the theory of the motherland medicine, kidney is very important. Black beans are an effective kidney product. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, beans are the valley of the kidney, black is water, water is going to the kidney, so it is beneficial for people with kidney deficiency to eat black beans. 2, black beans for young women, there are beauty and beauty effects. Black beans are rich in vitamins. The E and B vitamins are the highest. The vitamin E content is 5-7 times higher than that of meat. Vitamin E is a very important substance to maintain youthful bodybuilding. Although the ancient Chinese did not know that black beans contained more vitamin E, it was learned from practice that it was a kind of beauty food. For example, in the ancient pharmacopoeia, it was recorded that black beans can stay in the face, eyesight, and black hair, making the skin white and tender. 3, black bean skin is black, contains anthocyanins, anthocyanins are a good source of antioxidants, can eliminate free radicals in the body, especially in the acidic environment of the stomach, good anti-oxidation effect, beauty and beauty, increase gastrointestinal motility. 4, black beans are rich in vitamin E, VE is also an antioxidant, can remove free radicals in the body, reduce skin wrinkles, keep youth and bodybuilding. The crude fiber content of black beans is as high as 4%. Regular black beans can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion and prevent constipation. 5, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, "black beans are the valley of the kidney" black is water, water goes to the kidney, so people with kidney deficiency can eat black beans can remove heat, adjust the air, detoxification and diuresis, can effectively relieve frequent urination, backache, women Abnormal leucorrhea and cold symptoms in the lower abdomen. A dish with a very high frequency in Korean food is known for its simple method, cool password and rich nutritional value. It is also an excellent snack or a side dish.



  1. After washing the black beans, soak them in cold water for half an hour.

  2. After adding 2.5 cups of water, the fire is boiled and changed to a small fire for half an hour.

  3. Add soy sauce, sugar, continue to cook for 15-20 minutes

  4. Finally, add white sesame seeds and drizzle in sesame oil. (If the sweetness is not enough, you can mix it with honey a little)

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