Recipe: Konjac Roast Duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Konjac Roast Duck



  1. The duck smashed into a slightly larger block, boiled in boiling water, washed with floating water to remove the floating foam, and dried. The konjac also cut into strips, and also took a boiled water and fished out.

  2. Heat the wok, add a little oil, stir fry the fragrant bean curd in a small fire, stir fry the red oil and then sauté the onion ginger, dry chili and pepper, and sauté the duck. Stir-fry into the water, cook the rice wine, a little old Pumping, sugar, after mixing, add boiled water without duck pieces, put it into the konjac for about 20-25 minutes, pour a little bit of vinegar, simmer the soup. The soup will be put on the chicken and stir fry evenly. Because the county has been It’s salty enough, so don’t add salt, just add a little soy to adjust the color.

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