Recipe: Konjac Jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Konjac Jelly


In fact, this is not the final product, just eating too fast. Didn't shoot, hehe. Because it was a foodie, and he was afraid of fat, he once bought konjac powder, but he kept it on hold. Recently I was prepared to eliminate the ingredients in the cabinet and the refrigerator, so I thought of this. The proportion is basically as stated, the jelly is the kind of Guangxi jelly box. I saw that there is a konjac powder ingredient in it, so I increased the proportion of konjac powder. Stir, get it at night, it’s like this in the morning. Because the konjac powder is a bit awkward, how much is a bit. I love to eat liqueur, so the konjac cuts, puts liqueur, adds some raisins, Basically, it is a must-have for weight loss. The tube is not afraid of fat. Sweet wine, screaming. When I have time to do it, I will make a full picture.



  1. Mix konjac powder with jelly powder

  2. After the water is boiled, pour in the powder and stir well.

  3. Let it shape itself. Just put it in a container.

  4. Cut into square pieces, add liqueur, raisins

  5. If you have mint essence, you can add a little bit of flavor.

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