Recipe: Konjac beer duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Konjac beer duck


I like to add a little konjac to the beer duck. The konjac can suck the soup, it is delicious~



  1. Cut the ducks and pass the water to the blood.

  2. Cut the black block konjac and cook in boiling water for 3 minutes to taste.

  3. Hot oil, put pepper, after the fragrance can be used to remove the pepper. Ginger garlic, then the duck pieces, stir fry, add the old pumping color, taste very fresh soy sauce seasoning. Pour in and listen to the beer to boil.

  4. Turn a small fire and cover the lid. If the konjac block you bought is harder and not easy to boil, you can cook it at the same time. If the konjac block is soft and easy to rotten, it can be cooked for half an hour before being placed.

  5. After cooking for half an hour to an hour (depending on the softness and hardness of the duck), turn to the fire, stir the green pepper millet pepper, stir fry until the soup is dry, and cook.


It is recommended to use beer with high content of wheat raw juice.

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