Recipe: Kimchi miso bibimbap

Home Cooking Recipe: Kimchi miso bibimbap


I always worried about not eating well before eating. I couldn’t stop it when I got a spoonful! ! Especially delicious and not greasy bibimbap! ! These two days are the continuous elimination of miso and kimchi! ! It’s very disgusting to take the kimchi pot and the bibimbap in a row. Only the rice cooker is available in the dormitory party. If there is a stone pot, it is still better to use the stone pot and keep warm. The cooked rice is fragrant. The casserole is also good~~❤



  1. Prepare the material. Pleurotus eryngii and squash (squash) cut into semi-circular slices

  2. Rice is washed and soaked for half an hour. Start boiling in the pot and drip in a few drops of olive oil. The cooked rice will be very soft and suitable for bibimbap. It will be delicious if you cook it.

  3. When the rice is cooked almost, hot pot with a small amount of olive oil. Pleurotus eryngii, squash (squash), bean sprouts and salt

  4. After the rice is cooked, pour the kimchi juice into the kimchi. Two spoonfuls of miso and fried side dish. Sprinkle with the right amount of cooked white sesame. Mix well.


I think that the rice mixed with miso or Korean soy sauce is more delicious and not greasy. Adding salt when cooking is to make the dish taste. Don’t make it too salty because of bibimbap. Because miso and kimchi are salty. It is good to have bracken or other dishes suitable for bibimbap. If you want a richer taste, you can add a small amount of sugar. It is not recommended to add ingredients such as tuna, dried shrimps, and seaweed. It is very strange to eat and smell bad! !

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