Recipe: Kimchi, diced risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Kimchi, diced risotto


Kimchi fried rice and Chaozhou meatball broccoli soup were eaten for dinner last night. It seems that kimchi is more successful. At dinner, her husband volunteered to eat kimchi, and in recent days she even ate it, not even bored. Ha ha I said, just eat the dried rice from the kimchi. Grab some kimchi out, and a little lean meat, fried egg and shredded broccoli roots, good-looking and delicious. The lens is changed to a long-focus shot, and the night effect is also soft, but it is still worse than the daylight.



  1. Soaked beans, soaked white radish, green pepper, red pepper, soaked ginger, soaked carrots, soaked celery, all a little, chopped.

  2. Wash the broccoli, cut the remaining roots of the small flowers with a knife, and cut the small pieces. (Many people often remove the roots of broccoli, don't eat flowers, it's a pity, the roots are actually very tender).

  3. Wash the lean meat, drain, cut the filaments with vertical lines, and marinate with salt.

  4. A little more oil, fragrant garlic, stir-fry in the kimchi grain, wait for the sauerkraut to smell, add lean meat, wait for the meat to change, add eggs, stir-fry, add rice, add broccoli root, stir fry, Add a little salt, stir-fry, stir-fry the rice and all the ingredients, and serve on the table.

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