Recipe: Kimchi beef cattle udon noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Kimchi beef cattle udon noodles


This is the food of the refrigerator. When you are alone, you don't want to go out to buy food, then wash and cut the cooking. It takes an hour or two to sit down and eat for half an hour. Then you have to wash it. .. At this time, use the ingredients left in the refrigerator to make delicious food!



  1. Preparation: Wash the material, chopped onion ginger and garlic (one or two onions, a medium-sized garlic clove, and almost the same ginger cloves), kimchi cut into small pieces, if you buy cut pieces of kimchi, you don’t have to Cut again;

  2. Put the pot, add a little cooking oil after the heat, add the ginger and garlic, and scent, you can have it;

  3. Put the kimchi in two or three times, and like the thick soup, you can put a little kimchi juice;

  4. Add water, the amount of water in a bowl is good, put the water into the udon noodles after one person opens;

  5. When the water is boiled again, put the eggs into the egg. When the pan is ready, put the beef slices into discoloration (this is relatively tender). (Students who like to eat a little eggs can be placed at the same time as the beef).

  6. Before the bowl, put a little salt and soy sauce in the pot (the kimchi is salty, be careful not to put salty!)

  7. After the good, just sprinkle with scallions!


If you use udon noodles, it will be almost three minutes.

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