Recipe: Kidney Beans and Potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Kidney Beans and Potatoes


Dinner made a [soybean glutinous potato], the usual practice, cowpeas, potatoes boring soft, mixed with the scent of the octagonal and other spices, watching my family's small bowl friends eat the head does not lift, can not help but think of colleagues chat I always chatted about three meals a day, and I complained from time to time that I wouldn’t know what to eat. . . It is true that living conditions are getting better and better. If you want to eat, you have something to worry about, but you have something to do, and people are lazy! With good ingredients, you can't get into the stomach, you can pack instant noodles, eat the roots of the ham and fill your stomach. Then, it is an excuse to be busy with work. In the end, it may be "winning the world, losing yourself". This metaphor is not appropriate. Every time I touch these textual things, I always hate that there is too little ink in my stomach. Sometimes I wander around and wonder what I want to express, or maybe I can’t make sense. I think that it may be that the nutrition didn’t catch up when I was at school. Not only did I not reach the height that my parents expected (in fact, I am not short, barefoot 164, but I have a 186 brother), and I suspect that it has affected the IQ. "Even to "emotional business" O (∩ _ ∩) O haha ​​~, joking! If I really complain, I am too sorry for my parents. At that time, parents’ monthly salary was basically used for living expenses, and there was no spare time. I still remember that every time my mother came back to my grandfather's house, I always waited at the station early, looking forward to my mother's return. At that time, my childish heart always looked forward to things that were not common, not often eaten or played. Every time my mother didn't let me down, a bag of bread and a box of luncheon meat would make me ecstatic. I can't forget my mother brought me back to my childhood when I was the first and only ragdoll. I took the rag doll and ran all the small partners' homes. After a lap, I followed a few "seeking" people. I am eager to share the rare happiness with me! When I was in high school, I went to school on foot in winter, and I went home on foot. I passed a classmate’s house and went to the “mixed” point to eat. I caught up with a steamed pot of steamed buns, and several people took it while eating, eating hot. The last bite seemed to inject power into the body on that cold, dark night. After arriving home, it is still a hot meal prepared by my mother. It is basically the same: pepper fried radish, cabbage tofu, stewed potatoes. Compared with the present, the vegetables that can be eaten in the winter are only cabbage, radish, and potatoes. There is no choice! Now the vegetables are not divided into seasons, and you can basically buy them when you want to eat them. Even so, try to eat the vegetables of the season and feel at ease. Gossip for a long time, and simply talk about my dishes today: [Potato] is also called potato. It has high nutritional value and medicinal value. From a nutritional point of view, it has more advantages than rice and flour, and can supply a lot of heat energy to the human body. It can be called "a perfect food." Potato tubers have more water, less fat, and a relatively low calorie volume per unit volume. The vitamin C contained is 10 times that of apples, B vitamins are 4 times that of apples, and various minerals are several times to several tens of times that of apples. After eating, they have a good feeling of fullness. It seems to be the best product for beauty and weight loss!



  1. The potatoes are peeled and cut into pieces, and the kidney beans are washed and removed into silk.

  2. When the oil is 60% hot, add the onion ginger and sauté the scent. Pour the kidney beans and stir fry for about 3 minutes. Add the potato pieces, add the star anise, the right amount of salt, soy sauce.

  3. Stir in two tablespoons of water, stir fry for a while, cover the lid, and cook over the kidney beans and potatoes. After opening the lid, let the water vapor evaporate and dry.

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