Recipe: Ketchup with fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Ketchup with fish


In fact, many dishes are eaten outside, I feel delicious, go home and try to do it. As long as my son likes it, I will continue to ponder and improve until my son says it is delicious!



  1. Prepare: Wash with fish, cut into 4 cm segments, add salt, pickle the wine for a while, drain the water, wrap it in the dry powder, or wrap the egg white, then wrap the raw powder

  2. Fried fish: The oil is burnt with 70% heat, and the squid wrapped in raw powder is fried to golden brown.

  3. Juice: leave a little oil, heat, garlic slices, ginger, scent, add ketchup, add salt, sugar to taste

  4. Pour the fried octopus, turn it over, fish with the fish, and add chopped green onion.

  5. Pan, plate


1. Use a medium fire when frying fish, and fry the bones on the side of the fish. Do not do too much at one time. The taste is best when you just get out of the pan. 2. When ketchup is seasoned, add sugar to the acid. If it is sweet, add vinegar. If you like dark color, you can add some soy sauce.

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