Recipe: Kale fried sand tea pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Kale fried sand tea pork


In the nearby vegetable market, you can't buy good beef. They are all water-filled beef. Only pork will be used. The vegetable bones and leaves of the kale must be separated. The vegetable bones are beveled. The leaves can be cut in half. You have to break. It is also a bit. Pork should be cut thin. Sweet potato powder with corn flour, starch will do



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Add a bowl of water to the starch and mix

    Add a bowl of water to the starch and mix

  2. Marinate pork and soy sauce sand tea for about ten minutes, grab evenly

  3. Hot pot in the wok, put oil (the oil can be a little more, the dish is very oily), put the garlic, heat for a while, smell the garlic flavor, put the vegetable bone (because it is slower than the leaves)

  4. Two minutes later, add the leaves and stir fry together, put the salt (it is said that the salt dish will be crisp in advance), stir fry for two or three minutes, if the pot is very dry, you can add a little water, (use your mouth to taste the salty and cooked raw)

  5. The dish is served, do not need to wash the pot, continue to add a little oil, put pork, pepper, starch water (it will precipitate, stir before pouring), stir fry until the pork is cooked, the sauce is sticky, the pot , drizzle on the kale ~ just fine

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