Recipe: Kaifeng Rose Cut Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Kaifeng Rose Cut Cake


Rose cut cake is a dessert of glutinous rice, delicate red bean paste and bright rose juice. The entrance of red bean paste is instant, and the fragrance is soft and lubricated. The lips and teeth are full of the scent of roses.



  1. Glutinous rice is first soaked in water for 3-4 hours

  2. Red beans should also be soaked for 4 hours. This procedure can be omitted if there is a pressure cooker at home.

  3. 1. Ordinary steamer (rice cooker): It takes about 1 hour to steam. 2. Pressure cooker: Steam 30 - 40 minutes Note: The ratio of red bean to water is 1:2

  4. Ignore this step with the children's shoes that I bought. After the red bean paste is cooked, put it in a container and chop it up (if the mixer or electric egg beater is the most convenient at home), feel that it is almost broken (not too grainy) and need to be put into the wok (without oil) to open a small fire. Use a wooden shovel to keep stirring in one direction clockwise or counterclockwise until the red beans are fried to a dry position. Stir slightly and then turn off the heat. So red bean paste is ready. Tips: Because red beans are steamed with water, there may be more water. It is necessary to evaporate excess water.

  5. After the glutinous rice is steamed, it can be placed in a fresh-keeping bag (not a plastic wrap) and crushed into a cake of almost 1 - 2 cm with a rolling pin and cut into two equal squares for use. These steps should be synthesized in one go. Because glutinous rice itself is very sticky and easy to stick, it requires special care.

  6. Put the red bean paste in the middle of the two prepared glutinous rice cakes, slightly compact some of the back platters (if you eat the cold cake, put it in the refrigerator and eat it), topped with the rose sauce in half the area of ​​the cake. (Because I don't have so many rose petals, I bring back some good rose sauce from Kaifeng.) How much is the rose sauce depends on its sweetness. Finally, it is appropriate to go to the rose sauce to some white water, then steam on the steamer for 6-8 minutes.

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