Recipe: Just melt and mix the warm water chocolate cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Just melt and mix the warm water chocolate cake


Its operation is extremely simple, a total of two movements, "melting and mixing", repeated several times, cast a thick chocolate that goes straight into the sky. Maybe I used 85% of the black, the first bit was really stimulated, not exaggerated to say that it was scared, it is too thick, too heavy, if you are small, please consider clearly operating.



  1. Preparation: 1 Spread the oil paper in the mold, bottom and all around. 2 low-powder cocoa powder mixed sieve

  2. Put the two chocolates together and melt the butter in the hot water and mix well.

  3. Add brown sugar, mix well, and brown sugar melts.

  4. Pour hot water and continue to stir. At the beginning, the water and chocolate are separated, and the mixture is repeatedly stirred by a hand blender. The two are gradually integrated into one, and the gloss appears.

  5. Add the egg mixture a little and mix well.

  6. Sift through the powder and continue to stir with a hand blender.

  7. Add wine and mix well

  8. The batter eventually became fine, shiny and barely visible.

  9. Into the mold, a few times.

  10. 180 degrees, 20 minutes.

  11. The toothpick was inserted into the edge of the cake, and the cake was not brought out. The toothpick was inserted into the center of the cake and the cake was brought out. carry out.

  12. Cool at room temperature. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

  13. It is best to warm up at room temperature.

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