Recipe: Jinhua ham tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Jinhua ham tofu


Jinhua ham is a good thing, Shengjin appetizer, aromatic overflow, salty and delicious. This ham-fired tofu is a simple and easy-to-use, magical classic. It is worth mentioning that I would like to thank Wen Fangyi for promoting this dish through the drama "Jiang Gong's Face".



  1. Jinhua ham oblique knife cut slices; ginger shredded; tofu cut.

  2. Hot pot, into a thin layer of base oil, ginger and ham slices into the pot slightly stir-fry; add a small bowl of boiling water, medium and small fire stew for 3 to 5 minutes (the soup gradually white)

  3. Into the cut tofu, add boiling water to the water level of the tofu, and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Do not use a shovel to stir the tofu during the period, and shake the pot several times to make the taste even.

  4. Open the lid and sprinkle the appropriate amount of scallions and shrimps in the pan; cover and simmer for five minutes. Out of the pot.


Generally speaking, the ham has a salty degree and does not need to put salt. If there are too many ham tofu, you can add salt before seasoning. According to personal preference, the final juice collection will be determined. If all the procedures are completed, there will be more water in the pot, which can open a fire or even a thin juice.

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