Recipe: Jindouxiang

Home Cooking Recipe: Jindouxiang


Friends come to eat at home. I did half of it before I suddenly remembered that there was no vegetarian food. Temporary to buy it is obviously not allowed, the opportunity to move, from the refrigerator to pull out two packs of frozen beans, plus a canned kidney beans, fried this dish of assorted beans. The flowers and greens actually sell very well, and I like it. The taste of the Saigon sauce, the strong aroma of the sesame oil, plus the sweet and salty taste, added a lot of flavor to the original taste of the beans.



  1. Put oil in the pot, fry the peas

  2. Add sweet corn beans and fry until basic

  3. Canned cooked kidney beans in simmered water

  4. Drizzle into Saigon sauce and stir well

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