Recipe: Jiangxi fried rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Jiangxi fried rice noodles


Fried rice, in the home is both breakfast, staple food, and can also be used as a dish. Can be boiled, can be fried, can be casserole. It’s the sustenance of the old watchers who are out of home, and every time they want to eat this, they will think of their mother.



  1. The Jiangxi rice noodles bought by the supermarket are dry. You should first soak them in cold water for a long time, then boil them in hot water for five minutes. After the pans, use cold water to make a plate.

  2. Fresh peppers are chopped and sautéed. Then put lean meat, small rapeseed, stir fry

  3. Put salt, pour in rice noodles, and then put a proper amount of soy sauce toning. After stir frying, the pan

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