Recipe: Jasmine milk cover

Home Cooking Recipe: Jasmine milk cover



  1. 1. Put whipped cream, milk, sugar and salt into a small measuring cup, use high-grade electric egg beater to thicken, put it in the refrigerator for use. 2. Jasmine tea brewed with boiling water, discard the first tea, use 200ml warm water infusion, take out the tea bag after 5min, put a small amount of sugar to taste, let cool to use 3. Put the ice into the tea, then carefully put a spoonful of milk into the tea cup and float naturally, sprinkle less Licensed powder, jasmine milk cover completed


The amount of sugar and salt is not too much. It is not advisable to season the milk while it is too much. Otherwise, it is difficult to send the milk cover to prevent mixing with the tea.

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