Recipe: Japanese udon noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese udon noodles


Authentic Japanese Udon, relying on the bonito soup The bonito soup is very easy to cook. It is easier to use beef broth and chicken broth. The Japanese cuisine with half of the bonito soup is flat. . . The practice of the bonito soup comes from the island's sauce recipe, which should be fairly authentic. Udon noodles are also developed after eating the delicious udon noodles of a famous Japanese dish in Beijing.



  1. First make a bonito soup, wipe the kelp off the surface dust, but keep the surface hoarfrost, because that is the source of kelp umami

  2. First soak the kelp in water for 30 minutes, slowly remove the kelp from the medium heat until it boils, turn to a small fire, add the bonito slices, cook for about 30 seconds, remove the floating foam, and let the fish settle to the bottom of the pot.

  3. Filter, get it!

  4. Udon noodles are very simple, just cook for 5 minutes with bonito broth. Put salt and ginger first, put soy sauce and scallions before the pot

  5. Take out, sprinkle a little seaweed, start!


It should be noted here that the soy sauce must be put on the back. If the soup is sour, it will be sour. In fact, udon noodles do not need to put too many side dishes, eat the original taste of the firewood, just put the taste of the side dish will instead grab the taste of the soup

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