Recipe: Japanese-style parent-child rice - chicken egg rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese-style parent-child rice - chicken egg rice


I believe that everyone now knows how to scream for a parent-child meal: because it is the relationship between chicken and eggs. It is also a parent-child meal of salmon and salmon roe. I don't think there is any simpler Japanese food than this one, because I only need a daily necessities: the debut of Michong is enough. Is it a god horse to popularize a miso? My understanding is very sweet Japanese cooking wine! About 48% of the sugar, as well as the wines made from various rice, so everyone understands.



  1. Cut the chicken into a palatable size and cut the onion into thin strips

  2. The healthiest approach, no oil pan, directly in the pot, chicken and onion, then pour the ingredients into the cook: broth, 2 scoops of soy sauce, 2 scoops of cooking wine, 4 scoops of miso

  3. Cook until the onion is transparent and start to slightly juice

  4. Prepare the eggs at this time. When you beat the eggs, be careful not to mix them thoroughly. Leave a little separated protein and egg yolk.

  5. Pour the egg in the pot and turn off the fire for 10 seconds!


Since I am a lunch box with rice, I can still enjoy the soft taste of the egg when I am in the microwave oven for the next day. I specially left two spoonfuls of egg liquid without the pot, but poured it directly onto the rice after the pot. Tomorrow, the microwave oven will be slightly rotated, so you can taste the delicious food just out!

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