Recipe: Japanese oil bean curd skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese oil bean curd skin


Because the name is different everywhere, I want to say that this oil bean curd skin is a pocket oil tofu that can be used to make sushi or a blessing bag; it is very simple to use Japanese home-style practice...



  1. The oily bean curd skin is soaked in boiling water to remove the surface oil; the ginger is rubbed into a scent; the miso is diluted with a little water;

  2. Put ginger and miso, cooking wine, white sugar together in a small pot, add water to boil and put in the oil tofu for 10 minutes. After the taste, continue to cook until the juice is slightly dry and shiny.


The cooked oil tofu skin can be eaten directly, or the soup can be cooled and stuffed into cooked rice to make sushi. The Japanese family will add cyan sesame leaves and lotus root to add special aroma.

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