Recipe: Japanese mashed cola cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese mashed cola cake



  1. The potatoes are chopped and steamed in a steamer and pressed into mashed potatoes for use. The carrots are cut into the end and steamed and crushed. Shrimp head to head and chopped. Chopped ham

  2. Add carrot, shrimp, and ham to the mashed potatoes and mix well. Add salt, black pepper, and salad dressing according to your taste.

  3. The mashed potato mashed into a cake, and then wrapped in starch, egg liquid, bread crumbs. The oil pan is heated to 180 degrees, and the pan is fried to two sides of golden yellow. Plus ketchup and lettuce leaves taste


Don't wrap the bread crumbs too thick (⊙o⊙), this is delicious!

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